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Creepshow DVD mono
I was watching Creepshow this week and something is seriously off with the stereo track. Some of the music and effects are way too loud and the vocal volumes vary like crazy. This doesn't sound like a mix from the 80s, more like a modern one.

Apparently the original theatrical mix is stereo but dvdcompare states that the French and Scandinavian DVD releases had English mono tracks. Does anyone have these? And do they suffer the same dynamics as the stereo?
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the dolby on the bluray is wonderful.
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(2018-10-11, 06:51 PM)springfeel Wrote: the dolby on the bluray is wonderful.

It certainly does make me wonder how the audio will turn out for the Shout! Factory release in a few weeks.

Unfortunately, as for the main post itself involving the mono audio, I'm not quite sure how good / bad it sounds. However, I have watched the workprint version of Creepshow and I believe that is mono? I'm not too sure honestly, I never really noticed any stereo effect and I can't fully check in Audacity since the stereo difference could just due to the VHS tape distortion. Either way though, it does sound pretty balanced.

I'm definitely curious to see what the movie would sound like on a real mono track as well since it'd probably add to the cheesy aged aesthetic the movie had.
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