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PCM muxing problem occurring

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So the other day Buster D emailed me about Full Metal Jacket pcm i synced. The sync was perfectly fine other then a small glitch in the original ld rip that was easily fixed. The other problem was the very end of the movie or end of the LD pcm file. This occurred when muxing the pcm with the movie in tsMuxeR. Tsmuxer would add a loud 300ms or so noise at the end of the pcm file. I demuxed a pcm from a movie i didn't sync which was Batman, PDB synced this LD. Same loud noise at the end of the file. Buster D wrote me back and said even LDs he synced then demuxed had the same problem. Yes i have tried the newest tsMuxeR with the same results.
You could just go into setting (splitting/cutting)  in tsMuxeR to remove part of it getting rid of the noise.

Here's what the noise looks like....[Image: Capture_452.jpg]

Could you guys maybe demux some movies with LD pcm files and open them in a audio editing program to see if the same thing is happening?
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So i found a solution to my problem or a way around it at least. Before muxing the LD PCM, i run it through mkvmerge then demux the file and it's ready to go. No more strange noise at the end of the file when muxed into a m2ts container.
Never noticed this thread before today. Yes, I have had the same problem and never knew how to "solve" it. Just tried your "method" of using mkvmerge first and it worked perfectly.

On a technical note, I wonder what causes this issue and haven't been able to find an explanation online (and I have spent a lot of time with my friend google, LOL)
Yeah this was really bugging the hell out of me, i tried so many things see why it would happen only to fail time after time. Glad i'm not the only person that had this problem, well other then Buster D.
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Does it work the same if you demux the file with TSmuxeR?
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In my experience, the problem is tsMuxer and the only way to avoid it is to remux/demux using mkvmerge first, then use tsMuxer. This must be some error in the code.
What's about newer/older TSmuxer versions? Are all "faulty"?
Sadly my projects are lost due to an HDD crash... Sad
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I have the "older" version 1.10.6 and the "newer" version 2.6.12 and they both have this problem. I can't speak about any other versions.
I've tried older versions, same problem.
I'm a little late to this discussion, but I've certainly experienced this issue with PCM tracks edited by me and others. Indeed, I just had it come up again with Buster D's great Star Trek III sync - nice clean track, nasty digital pop at the end after muxing in tsMuxeR.

I found another method of correction - I opened the track in Audition, replaced the silence at the end with generated digital silence (via the Insert options) and re-saved, ensuring that no metadata was saved in the track (which Audition likes to do by default).

One of these measures fixed the track - I suspect the latter - but due to my wholly unscientific investigation I'm not yet sure which ;-)

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