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[Idea] [Ignore; Was Oblivious] My Bloody Valentine (1981) Restoration
One of my single most favorite slasher movies ever made was a rather early 80s Canadian flick titled My Bloody Valentine.

Unfortunately, it was absolutely butchered by the MPAA at the time and in order to get an R rating, nine minutes of footage had to be chopped out. Good news: Three minutes of footage got added back in a special edition of the movie back in 2009. Bad news: Six minutes of footage is still floating around and the three minutes of footage that did get released are in pretty crappy quality with noticeable scratches, grain, and different color grading. You can check out the footage here.

Being honest, I don't mind the grain and all that too much, same goes for the color grading; Probably due to the fact that it gives the movie a grittier more exploitative / grindhouse-ish feel. However, what I DO have an issue with is that this is inconsistent with the rest of the footage. It's incredibly jarring when you're watching the movie with the footage added back in.

This is where this thread comes into place. Does anyone by any chance have the know-how to fix up the movie? My best guess as to how to approach this maybe is to look back at the laserdisc release of the movie since it would likely contain not only the theatrical mono audio (which is something I don't entirely trust in the special edition release), but it also would have a more accurate and more vintage look to movie.

I'd also like to bring up that although–as far as I know–Paramount (of course) never released that leftover six minutes of footage to this very day, I'm wondering if there's anyone who somehow by sheer luck or something may be aware or has access even to some of this excised footage; Maybe a workprint of the movie even somehow? Highly doubt it but I felt it was worth a mention. I'd also like to ask if an open-matte version of the movie exists, perhaps as a part of one of the older releases? Not quite sure it even exists either, and even if, I wouldn't know how to properly add that in with deleted footage, but I'm still curious. Maybe as a separate rip?

Anyways, I, unfortunately, do not have anything handy since I am not in possession of the laserdisc copy of My Bloody Valentine (let alone a way to rip a laserdisc, to begin with) nor a Blu-Ray rip of my special edition copy since I am ill-equipped to rip Blu-Ray discs sadly enough.

So, is there anyone on this forum who would be interested in the project of fixing up this movie as it deserves?
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Making this thread has made me think about the issue and has actually led me to make a petition on the topic of this movie. Would anyone be kind enough to sign it?
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Looks like Shout did some work on the movie:
New, low or non-posting members: Please do not post or PM me asking where to get something. Stick around and become a participating member first.

Looking For:
Alien 1999 Master Japanese BSHI Broadcast 1080i mid 2000s
Blade Runner DC US HDTV Broadcast 1080i 2005 (blade.runner.1080i.dd5.1.oar)
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(2020-01-13, 07:21 PM)PDB Wrote: Looks like Shout did some work on the movie:

Yeah, it looks quite lovely. I've been meaning to delete this thread for ages but I never found the button until more recently, but I was admittedly a bit too embarrassed to bring any new attention to this thread. Guess now's a good time as any.
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So, would you like the thread deleted, or moved to archived?
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Shout has unearthed better elements (reportedly dupe negative trims) for the gorier inserts that were seen on the Lionsgate BD (which were sourced from a 35mm archival print), hence why the the color timing and such looks different.
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(2020-01-14, 01:02 AM)spoRv Wrote: So, would you like the thread deleted, or moved to archived?
Either would do.
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