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Nothing unusual really. Framing sometimes changes between releases. Usually it's more apparent vertically, because many movies are shot in a taller aspect ratio than the final delivery aspect ratio, so a lot gets cut off on top and bottom. This is basically the same, but horizontally. I would guess they simply liked the framing more that way or something like that. Or they just didn't care, who knows.
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I would guess that the far-left part was never meant to be seen anyway, and that when fixing the geometry while keeping the aspect ratio at the same time, they had to crop the insignificant left part out.
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Film Masters often have more image than is meant to be seen. When mastering them for home media companies have to crop from the complete image to the intended one. Sometimes companies just make the mistake of either ignoring it, or crop too much, because of misgueasing the intended frame.
Good example of forgetting to crop is the UK BD of Hellraiser 3 by Arrow:

On the left side, you can see the "wall" of the room I side the studio, and the chains going around that corner. While Turbine reframed it to the intended frame for Theatrical showing.
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