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Request Mad Max (1979) Original Mono
The original (Australian) mono track is missing on all the Mad Max (1979) blurays. (It's my understanding that both the MGM disc and the shout factory disc just have a downmix of the 5.1). Has anyone ever synced the mono from the laserdisc or the original dvd release?
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I have the original MGM DVD I think that has the original mono and not a downmix.
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Did the Aussie mono ever appear on laserdisc?
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Obviously, the American LDs only had the US dubbed mono and it wasn't until the MGM DVD that the Australian/English mono started to be included.

Most of the WB Laserdiscs I searched up on LDDB, including the 1985 and 1990 Japanese NTSC LDs, only have analog mono but are very likely the Aus English audio. It is believed that this German PAL LD has the original Australian/English mono in digital It also has a printing of 1998, around the same time the Warner PAL DVDs came out in Europe, and it's a good chance that German LD uses the same master as the 1st Warner DVD (which did in fact had the Australian English mono track but lossy DD 192kbs).
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looked at it again and the US dubbed version on the DVD has the original SFX, so the aus. mono is a downmix.
in the original audio the granny shotgun blast uses the same stock SFX from brody's revolver in jaws.
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(2018-10-24, 01:35 AM)springfeel Wrote: looked at it again and the US dubbed version on the DVD has the original SFX, so the aus. mono is a downmix.
in the original audio the granny shotgun blast uses the same stock SFX from brody's revolver in jaws.

First I’ve heard of this. Very disappointed Sad
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Nothing much in the UK, I'm afraid - the only laserdisc (from the early 80s) used the US dub, as the theatrical release and initial VHS issues had.

There were a couple of widescreen VHS tapes in the early 90s which made a selling point of using the original Australian track (presumably mono - I doubt Warner would have bothered with Chace-ing it for such a small release). So I guess that's one avenue if the Japanese or German releases come up short...

[Image: fKLotw3.jpg]

[Image: HEgm4tF.jpg]
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The US dvd premiered the Australian mono and the mgm Blu-ray has it lossy but with a missing bit that was in the dvd mix. Plus the mgm blu is better encoded than the Shout as usual.
Damn Fool Idealistic Crusader
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Is this the R1 DVD with the 'original mono' your referring to CaptainSolo?
[Image: 51xDwUPLtaL.jpg]
And what is the missing bit?
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That is the first DVD to feature the Australian mono. But it is not the original mix, as stated by springfeel.

The missing bit is a line from Johnny the Boy when he's being dragged by the ankle which is not present on the Blu-ray mixes (both 5.1 and 2.0) but is is on the DVD mono.

I found this -

Possible the Japanese DVD contains the original mono.

EDIT: I see SpaceBlackKnight says the 1st Warner Europe DVD has the original Aus mix. Does anyone have that?
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