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The French Connection 1971 US BD Mono
I have 1&2 on DVD and 1 on BD. But! ... both are UK version which lack the mono! (Actually I think the US DVD didn't have the mono either, only stereo?)

How can I make the same mistake twice? Rolleyes

Is anyone able to share the DD mono track from the US BD?
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I can rip & share them over the weekend for you if you’ve not been sent them yet..
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That would be great thanks! Will let you know if someone drops me a magic PM before then.
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That stinks they took it off overseas. The BD was the first release to have it as even LDs are stereoized. I wish I had a BD drive to rip audio tracks.
Damn Fool Idealistic Crusader
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I have this one, 224 Kbps ac3. Still needed?
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(2020-11-03, 08:25 PM)Plissken1138 Wrote: I have this one, 224 Kbps ac3. Still needed?

I would bite your hand off for that, regardless of whether the others managed to get a hold of it Wink

It sucks that this seems to be a thing. I have a bunch of UK Blu-rays that I had no idea were missing audio options that are on their US counterparts. This is one of them, apparently.
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(2020-11-03, 08:46 PM)ac3 Wrote: They are 48hz Tho. I can't believe theres people on here willing to devote 4 hrs of re- syncing for zero improvement in sound quality

I need both parts 1 and 2

If that's a dig at people who prefer having 44.1 kHz tracks, I feel like you're missing the point there quite spectacularly. Firstly, it isn't that anybody thinks they sound better, necessarily, it's a matter of preservation: you can resample a 44.1 kHz again later to whatever you want, non-destructively, but resampling to 48 kHz and keeping *only* the 48 kHz one means you can't resample later on if you wanted to for any reason (e.g. if you used a kinda borderline resampler and later gain access to a better one and want to compare, or whatever). I keep everything in 44.1 kHz for archival but for compatibility purposes (e.g. with DTS-HD MA) I also always make a 48 kHz option. Others do something similar.

Secondly, I don't get what you mean about it taking longer, because... I mean, it just doesn't, and I don't get why it would. You just resync the 44.1 kHz *before* resampling, then resample to 48 kHz after. Et voila, you have resynced 44.1 kHz *and* 48 kHz. Nobody's separately resyncing 44.1 kHz and 48 kHz versions or something, that would be pointless and insane.

You're doing good work, but there's no reason to take jabs at others who are doing things in ways that you don't think are worthwhile, for whatever reason.
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(2020-11-03, 09:10 PM)ac3 Wrote: Well I'm kinda offended when ppl msg me for stuff then whine about it not being 44.1. As for taking longer all i meant was I got the thing synced already why do it again - its a lot of work.

Yeah, OK, *that* is fair enough. None of us are getting paid here or anything (nor should we be) so whatever's offered is a courtesy... if someone sends you a resync they did at 48 kHz, and there's nothing else on offer, you take what you get!

My attitude has always been "make it how *you* want it, and anything beyond that is a bonus". It's not worth tying oneself in knots trying to please everybody. It sucks that you've had that experience and FWIW I wouldn't suggest redoing anything from scratch unless you're doing it all in script alone (AviSynth) which might make it relatively simple to reconfigure in a few minutes.
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(2020-11-03, 09:19 PM)ac3 Wrote: Yeah well davinci is locked at 48hz I'd go at 44.1 if I could Tongue

Makes sense. That's mostly why I don't use it for audio even though I'm a bit more familiar with it than other software (I do other stuff with it though). I'm still experimenting with different resync methods, which is part of why I'm really slow at getting things done (the other part is that I'm analytical to a fault, but I'm fine with that as long as I get it done eventually). I seem to have settled into a rough pattern of mixing AviSynth with RX and Audacity because I find each of them to be better at different specific tasks. But anyway, I'm off-topic!
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