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bronan's Audio Projects
Hows Home Alone coming along bronan?
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I am what the French call "les incompétents". The first 30 mins is synced, but of course I've been unexpectedly swamped with work lately haha. My plan was actually to wrap things up this afternoon then tackle the rest of it. Hoping it will be ready by Friday or Saturday, please stay tuned!

Update: Turns out it was closer to 20 min, and oh boy is this film tedious to sync. There are less frames on the BD for what seems like every shot in parts of the movie. Anyhow, I finished syncing the first side today, and will go for 2nd tomorrow. It sounds like a pretty nice upgrade over the existing tracks too Smile
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Home Alone has been conquered, will be tackling the Princess Bride next..
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Great news! As with Planes, Trains - perfect timing.

(2018-12-20, 05:43 PM)bronan Wrote: I am what the French call "les incompétents".

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I started working on syncing the Nelson release of Princess Bride to the new Criterion BD last week. The first part of the movie was a breeze, but then I hit the first sword fight and every damn shot on the BD is missing frames compared to the LD haha. So that really slowed me down, but I'm about a third of the way through now. Hopefully won't be too much longer, I have quite the backlog now Big Grin Oh, and happy new year!
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Almost over the hump on Princess Bride now. It's been a lot of work, but I'm making steady progress. It sounds a lot better than the BD I think, much clearer highs and the bass isn't over done. It also seems there is at least one revisionist sound effect in the 5.1 mix. When Cary Elwes throws his sword into the ground before jumping to the gymnast bar it makes a cartoon-like vibrating SFX. That sound is not there on the Nelson disc, only the sound of it going into the dirt.

[Image: DSZJKhM.png]
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Down to the last 20 minutes, finally! Found some more added sound effects when they're rolling down the hill, and apparently the grandfather closing the book needed some more oomph.

[Image: 9UHxLPp.png]
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Really looking forward to this. Even more so after learning about these audio changes. Thanks. Smile
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Criterion is getting just as bad as warner bros. they didn't include the original audio on Paris Texas or jaberwocky either
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I'm hoping to finish this weekend, just down to the last few minutes now. Btw, we've even got extra kissing sounds (that sound awful) when they're reunited at the end and Wesley is in the bed waiting for her.

[Image: 2VMsFfe.png]
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