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bronan's Audio Projects
Made a little more progress on Gremlins 2, the first side is done now. Hopefully I can wrap it up this week but I'll be going out of town so it might be a little longer. I also received and capped the entire first season of Twin Peaks (as well as the CD soundtrack from crampedmisfit, thanks!) so I definitely have what I need to do the pilot now Big Grin
Thanks given by: PDB , crampedmisfit1990
I very much look forward to Gremlins 2 and Twin Peaks! Tongue
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So here's a wacky thing. I got the Home Alone 2 LD in an order a while back and ripped it. The other week I was looking through the tracks I ripped in the last batch and both of my files for the two sides were the same - both side 2. So I figure hey I'm dumb, probably forgot to flip it or something. I re-ripped both sides and they're still both side 2! Apparently the two sides are glued together to make the disc. I guess I won the lottery when it comes to manufacturing defects. The seller was nice though and gave me a refund, so back to the drawing board on that one.
Thanks given by: TomArrow , crampedmisfit1990
Funny stuff.
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Strange but it is known to happen (although it's never happened to me). It was poor gluing methods that caused laser rot
Thanks given by: bronan
I've started a new sync of the Predator LD to the UHD. I did a quick comparison with LD matched to the UHD sampling rate and gain. It loses a little on the high frequencies over sampling rate, but less noise reduction is always a winner  Ok


[Image: pPp1OSo.jpg]

[Image: MqNXN4S.jpg]
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The UHD doesn't have the original stereo mix? Are you comparing to the 4.0?
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UHD Predator has 4.0 (source of Dolby SR) and a 5.1 mix (probably from the 70mm magnetic)
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That's a downmix of the 5.1 track
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Thanks. I think the 5.1 that has been doing the rounds for years is just a post year 2000 fix.

Is this one similar to the one on the old Blu? I will have to check. But the DVD 5.1 and old Blu 5.1 were total doctored crap.
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