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[Help] Yami no teiô kyûketsuki Dracula (1980)/ Dracula: Sovereign of the Damned
I've put together a cut of this movie with dual audio, original Japanese and the pretty bad English dub. The source for the video is the Japanese DVD, which is slightly longer than the US VHS due to them cutting out any establishing shot with onscreen Japanese text.

I've gotten a rip down that someone synced the US audio to the Japanese video, resulting in areas of silence.

I have masked out the Japanese text so that the original length is retained (other than a couple of brief shots). This was I was able to preserve most of the Japanese audio not have any abrupt cuts. I also filled in the gaps in the US audio, so that the video is continuous and stays synced up throughout.

I would like to include English subs of the Japanese dub, as I'm sure the original dialogue is a lot less clunky than the US dub is. I'm looking for help for either someone to point me in the direction of a direct translation of the Japanese audio, or someone who is willing to watch the movie and translate it for me.

If you can help please give me a shout.
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