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Basic Instinct (1992) - 2.0 Surround
(2019-01-20, 05:44 PM)Stamper Wrote: Did you happen to have the original R1 DVD? It has the TC which is like the LD (same master) the best version of the film released so far.

I just received a copy of this! The 1997 DVD in snapper case. Double sided with Widescreen on one side and P&S the other. There's quite a lot of used copies on Amazon if you're interested in your own copy.

Annoyingly there is only a 5.1 audio track on here which would be an upmix. Stamper, you mentioned earlier this DVD has the best sound. Do you know why?

Otherwise, it is likely BusterD's audio capture will sync directly with this if the JP LD is in fact the R-rated cut.

What else can we use this DVD for? Colour matching?
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My mistake, I bought that early release too after we talked here as I like the R rated cut better.

The Dolby Surround from the LD is actually on the re-release

Basic Instinct
R1 America - Artisan
R-Rated - Special Edition
Commentaries: Audio Commentary by Director Paul Verhoeven and Director Of Photography Jan de Bont
Audio Commentary by Feministic Critic Camille Paglia
Extras:"Blond Poison: The Making Of Basic Instinct" featurette (24mins)
"Cleaning Up Basic Instinct" featurette (comparison of TV Version to Theatrical Version) (5mins)
- "Love Scene/ Murder" (3mins)
Storyboard Comparisons:
- "Love Scene" (3mins)
- "Car Chase" (1min)
- "Elevator Murder" (3mins)
Teaser Trailer (1min)
Theatrical Trailer (2mins)
Photo Gallery (38images)
Cast And Crew Biographies
Production Notes
Subtitles:English, French and Spanish
Aspect Ratio:2.35:1
Picture Format: Anamorphic
TV System: NTSC
Soundtrack(s):English Dolby Digital 5.1
English Dolby Digital 2.0 Surround
Case type:Keep Case
Notes:Initial Pressings were also packaged in a Plastic "Ice-Case" with an Ice Pick Pen.

Do you want me to get it? Not sure you can recover the clipped highlights on the Blu-ray, I would wait for a 4K remaster.

Edit: It looks like other unrated early releases from Artisan also have a Dolby Surround english track.
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Is the colour timing the same on the original 1997 dvd and rerelease?
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I have no idea, I can buy it they go for cheap used as no one now cares about the R rated cut. I suppose it's the same master as it is the R rated.

The Blu-ray is an unwatchable, DNR, oversharpened abomination with all the highlights blown out.
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Basic Instinct was also one of the 1st 5.1 movies in theaters. Do you guys think the 5.1 on BD/HD-DVD is that mix?
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It's about the same time as T2 and from the same studio, so I assume the 5.1 on the R rated version is un-doctored.
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(2019-09-06, 05:45 PM)bendermac Wrote: Basic Instinct was also one of the 1st 5.1 movies in theaters. Do you guys think the 5.1 on BD/HD-DVD is that mix?

Are you sure? Says on Dolby Stereo on IMDB. Do you mean the LC-Concept in France?

I know its the year we first got Dolby Digital 5.1 for Batman Returns.
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(2019-09-06, 08:24 AM)Stamper Wrote: My mistake, I bought that early release too after we talked here as I like the R rated cut better.

The Dolby Surround from the LD is actually on the re-release


Yeah so I finally picked up a copy of this DVD and turns out its a different transfer to the original R1 snapper case one. Its still the R-Rated cut but it has the same cooler colour timing (blown out highlights as Stamper mentioned) as all later Director's/Unrated/European Cut DVD and Blu-ray releases.

Here are some examples showing different colour timing:

OG R-Rated R1 Snapper case DVD:
[Image: basic-instinct-r-rated-og-dvd-1.png]

R1 R-Rated SE DVD:
[Image: basic-instinct-r-rated-se-dvd-1.png]


OG R-Rated R1 Snapper case DVD:
[Image: basic-instinct-r-rated-og-dvd-2.png]

R1 R-Rated SE DVD:
[Image: basic-instinct-r-rated-se-dvd-2.png]


OG R-Rated R1 Snapper case DVD:
[Image: basic-instinct-r-rated-og-dvd-3.png]

R1 R-Rated SE DVD:
[Image: basic-instinct-r-rated-se-dvd-3.png]


They aren't exactly the same cut either. Most notably the scene where Nick and Beth have some aggressive sex in her apartment, some of the shots are different.

The R-Rated SE DVD could have come from the same master as later Uncut DC releases but re-edited back to the R version.

As for the audio, it comes with both a 2.0 and 5.1 audio tracks. There are some differences there too though! During the sex scene at the beginning when
the rock star guy gets stabbed
he says "Oh God" on the Snapper DVD but on the SE that line is missing! Same on both 2.0 & 5.1 tracks. Given the differences with both video and audio, the tracks don't sync with a straight delay either.

Here's another interesting thing regarding audio... the old UK DVD released back in the early noughties (2002 I think?) was known to have faulty English DD & DTS tracks. The LFE channel is completely silent throughout the movie. The German 5.1 dub on the same disc has LFE activity. The R1 Unrated DVD did have LFE. I recently discovered the UK Blu-ray has the same problem. OK that makes sense, Studio Canal simply recycled existing assets.

However now turns out the R1 R-Rated snapper case DVD also has a silent LFE channel! Could it be this is the original theatrical mix? As mentioned in an earlier comment, Basic Instinct was one of the first to have 5.1, using "LC-Concept". Perhaps the original mix just didn't have LFE? However according to wiki LC-concept was developed in France and only adopted in a few countries in Europe. The R-rated cut only got a release in US. Who knows? Interesting though.

Lets see how the 4K remaster turns out!
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I've definitely noticed pretty significant differences in the sound mix between different versions. Can't remember which version is which, but newer versions seem to really damped the more aggressive sound fx and vocals
Thanks given by: NeonBible
It looks like StudioCanal did the same thing as the T2 early double Blu-ray / HD-DVD which was recut the TC from the SE with some differences / mistakes! In both video and audio!
Thanks given by: NeonBible

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