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Help DNxHR to x264?
Does anyone have a direct way to encode from DNxHR to h.264 using the x264 encoder on Windows? Perhaps by loading the clip in Avisynth (but I can't get Avisynth to load the clip) or by frame-serving?
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Pretty sure x264 should recognize DNxHR files, as long as the decoder is installed (Avid Codec pack is free for download on Avid's website).

If it doesn't, maybe I'm only thinking it bc I use the tmod of x264: (same settings as normal x264, just has some extra features you dont have to use)

AviSynth should definitely load it, with the FFMpegSource2 plugin (the concrete command would be ffvideosource). I am absolutely positive I have loaded DNxHD/DNxHR files in AviSynth in the past. Though to be fair I think some of the formats might need an updated ffmpegsource2 version, the older ones I recall having some issues with giving really weird output on some of the DNxHR variants (possibly it was the high bit depth ones). Note that I use AviSynth+, but if that was the problem, you should be able to just update to that while keeping all your existing plugins, as it seems to be around 99.9% backwards-compatible.

If that *also* doesn't help, you could always pipe it from ffmpeg.

If that is too complicated, you could do a really silly approach and use ffmpeg to transcode to ProRes and then encode from there.

In any case, make sure you have the current versions of all the software, as development is ongoing.

If none of what I wrote is helpful, you could also try posting a thread on doom9, those guys are pretty helpful in all things AviSynth and video in general.
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