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Beauty and the Beast (1991) December 2018 ABC Recording
(2020-01-27, 01:26 PM)Mak93 Wrote: If someone like it i have a HDTV rip from Greek television.

Oh, I didn't know we have another Greek member here.
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finally a good release from Disney
it's from the new 4K release

[Image: beast.png]
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Yes. They removed the red tint in the 4K HDR version:

[Image: IMG-20200326-184759.jpg]

[Image: IMG-20200326-185915.jpg]
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but the same problem with the dark scenes

[Image: beast2.png]
[Image: beast3.png][Image: beast4.png]
[Image: beast5.png]
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I wrote this on another forum, but I think it's worth repeating here:

The question is how do people expect the film to look like? Because I know there are people who expect it to look like the laserdisc or the VHS, and I can say that it doesn't look like them (nor do I think it should). It's definitely brighter then them but less bright than the Blu-ray, but I don't find it pink and I think it has a better contrast.

I know there's the work-in-progress from the Blu-ray and some screenshots from an incomplete fan restoration that look even darker than the laserdisc/VHS (to the point where you barely see some of the backgrounds), but I never expected it to look as dark as them (also 35mm will have higher contrast and gamma - the difference will be similar to all the caps films, not just Beauty and the Beast):

[Image: Zombo-Droid-08012021114536.jpg]

[Image: Zombo-Droid-08012021114653.jpg]

[Image: Zombo-Droid-08012021102547.jpg]

So no it doesn't look like the 35mm, but none of them do. I did watch the WIP with my sister the other day, and she said that the film was never this dark when she saw it in theaters back in 1992 (she was 13 at that time).

I did try to do some investigating with BTS features and the art book and this is what I found:

[Image: Screenshot-20200330-101044.png]

[Image: Screenshot-20200330-101101.png]

[Image: PXL-20210108-083607026.jpg]

[Image: PXL-20210108-083730125.jpg]

And I do think it is much closer to these than anything that was released prior, and it does resemble the DCP I saw in theaters two years ago.

I think I've researched this color issue since 2017, and I think in the end of day it has become very subjective, anyone has their own idea as to what Beauty and the Beast should look like. As for the HDR - I don't think that Beauty and the Beast was treated that differently than other CAPS films, I just think that the CAPS to 35mm transfer had probably more effects than other films, probably because it's the oldest film, so when I say that I think that the HDR is closer to what I think are the accurate colors, I mean what I think the colors were in CAPS, not in the 35mm (or the VHS or the laserdisc) (and it's true to other CAPS films as well).

I do think the Blu-ray and Platinum Edition don't look good, mainly because they have the brightness increased and the gamma decreased (issues that I personally don't see in the HDR), but it has been almost 20 years of people complaining about Beauty and the Beast colors and transfers that I think people probably won't except anything that doesn't resemble the VHS/laserdisc, even though I always thought that the "correct" (I don't even know if it's a word that I can use in this situation anymore) way was something in the middle, meaning that it doesn't lack any shadows (like it does in the DVD and Blu-ray), but it also doesn't have "black crush", you're able to see the backgrounds and it still looks "lively" (which I thought were issues in the VHS and the laserdisc).

So like I've said before, I think in the end it has become a matter of taste and anyone should find the version they are most content with. I'm personally happy with the HDR (it might not be 100% accurate but I think most things aren't when it comes to Disney) I do think it's better than the Blu-ray, and I've watched the laserdisc for so long and I had issues with it as well that I'm just glad I can retire it now.

Anyway, here are photos I took of my TV screen:

I have a 4K Samsung NU8000 TV and these are my settings:

Picture Mode: Movie
Backlight: 50
Brightness: 0
Contrast: 50
Sharpness: 0
Colour: 25
Tint: 0
Digital Clean View: Off
Auto Motion Plus: Off
Local Dimming: Low
Contrast Enhancer: Off
Colour Tone: Warm 2
ST.2084: 0
RGB Only Mode: Off
Colour Space Settings: Auto

[Image: PXL-20210108-100518528.jpg]
[Image: PXL-20210108-100644675.jpg]
[Image: PXL-20210108-100323422.jpg]
[Image: PXL-20210108-101046125.jpg]
[Image: PXL-20210108-101143201.jpg]
[Image: PXL-20210108-101538113.jpg]
[Image: PXL-20210108-101620328.jpg]
[Image: PXL-20210108-101803201.jpg]
[Image: PXL-20210108-101903351.jpg]
[Image: PXL-20210108-103415273.jpg]
[Image: PXL-20210108-102023228.jpg]
[Image: PXL-20210108-102224153.jpg]
[Image: PXL-20210108-102400828.jpg]
[Image: PXL-20210108-102453770.jpg]
[Image: PXL-20210108-102624617.jpg]
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(2018-12-28, 01:36 AM)Valeyard Wrote: What's interesting is how the pixel aspect ratio isn't right on the LD, the image has been vertically squashed. Here's a comparison:


[Image: BATB-SPORV-mkv-snapshot-00-03-16-000.jpg]


[Image: B-R1-mkv-snapshot-03-17-001.jpg]

spoRv matched to 35mm:

[Image: sporv-corrected.jpg]

For some reason it seems quite common for older telecines not to have a correct pixel aspect ratio, I guess so they could cram in as much picture as possible. LD resolution for NTSC is only 425x480, so the original resolution would look something like this (except interlaced, assuming 16 lines for overscan):

[Image: batb-sporv-downsized.jpg]

It'd be great if someone could do a raw LD cap sometime.

This must have been introduced after the fact because it doesn't look like that on the LaserDisc:

[Image: BATB-CAV-005308.png]

Still appears *slightly* squashed but nowhere near as much as in the image shown in the post I'm replying to here.

Colours have the ol' magenta "CRT syndrome" ('sup @PDB) but apart from that it's not a million miles away from the 35 mm.
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This is how this shot looks in HDR (more or less):
[Image: PXL-20210114-082103154.jpg]
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Okay I'm catching up with this thread, I did actually read it a while ago but didn't understand what's going on because on my Blu-rays (Diamond + Signature) the tree didn't move anywhere and it looks exactly like that ABC recording.

Only now I've figured out that screenshots of the tree "moving" and the missing rays of light are actually from a 2D rip of the 3D edition. So the thing is a 3D version basically has two 2D "versions" of the film - one for the right eye and one for the left eye, of course in order to create the dimensionality, they have to move things around, duplicate things, etc.., etc..., So what we see is only one eye. I'm guessing that the other eye has Belle before the tree and when they are put together it will look like the other versions in its true 3D form.
Same with the rays of light - the "missing" rays of light are not actually missing, they are in the other eye.
Thanks given by: pipefan413

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