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Alien - 40th Anniversary Screenings
Alien is getting a new 4K restoration (audio and video!) and is heading back to the big screen in March 2019!

I wonder if they have remixed the audio into Atmos for this new release? 

Means a UHD release will be on the horizon.
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Hey, that's great! I wonder if it'll come to my cinema....
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Confirmed to be restored from the original negative
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Sweet, hope it swings by my neck of the woods also.

Alien DC on 35mm is still the single most beautiful 35mm print I have ever seen. I hope this new scan can match that experience.
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I wonder what the colour timing will be like.
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(2019-01-13, 09:39 PM)FrankT Wrote: I wonder what the colour timing will be like.

On one hand, I'd imagine it to look more natural than the previous releases since it's the original negatives, but at the same time, I feel like the color timing would be redone and would look very green like it's been with past more-recent releases?
[Image: ivwz24G.jpg]
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I think we need a new thread, sharing opinions and facts about "negative scanning and subsequent digital color grading Vs interpositive scanning Vs release print scanning"... that thread will surely be long and stuffed with great info... but I'm too lazy to start it! Happy
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