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Movies You'd Enjoy In 3D?
I'm curious, what do some of y'all think would be a decent candidate for a modern Cameron-esque 2D to 3D conversion. I don't know why, I just thought it'd be a little fun to talk about and make a resultant thread.

A movie I've thought would be really cool to see in 3D would be Dario Argento's Phenomena. Not only do I think it's one of Argento's most gorgeous movies with its Swiss landscapes, but there are many shots and scenes that would make prime material for conversion, many of which due simply to how the movie was shot (such as the extensive use of macro-shots of insects). Plus, let's be real, that slow-motion window death scene would be cool to see in 3D.

[Image: vlcsnap-2019-02-02-20h08m59s869.png][Image: vlcsnap-2019-02-02-20h09m30s358.png][Image: vlcsnap-2019-02-02-20h10m41s848.png][Image: vlcsnap-2019-02-02-20h12m04s141.png][Image: vlcsnap-2019-02-02-20h14m11s725.png][Image: vlcsnap-2019-02-02-20h14m49s677.png]
Some screencaps as food for thought...
[Image: ivwz24G.jpg]
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The problem with converted 3D is, that it never is as perfect, as a true 3D filmed shot with two lenses, and such.
So I think Movies with lots of small 3D details in makro shots may be really hard to convert.

But, IF I could wish any Film to be in great 3D, then... Maybe the first "Independence Day".
With ist wide angel shots, when the spaceships arrive, or the Explosions coming towards the camera when the Aliens strike... and the air-Combat Scene...
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