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Trouble Importing Video into Adobe Premiere
I've found when adding mkvs directly into Premiere can cause issues with the timeline and frames when editing together different sources, muxing to mp4 first and no such issues.
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Mp4 best bet then (not re-encode, just repack). Let us know if it solves your issues.
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Thanks for all the tips everyone. The repackaging as a .mp4 seems to have solved it based on all my spot checks! I've since rendered and muxed it with the theatrical DTS 6 track and will run it all the way through tomorrow.

Having the period accurate Paramount logo at the start and a blue ratings band at the end are icing on the cake!
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I personally can't load MKVs, at least not in my version of Premiere. I have to put them through MKV Converter first, and even then it sometimes fails at that!
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