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Vampire Hunter D (1985) LD Analog
[Image: jyTZwaN.jpg]

Movie: Vampire Hunter D (1985)
Format: LD LVD9306
Input Soundtrack: 24-bit, 48kHz, Stereo
Output Soundtrack: 24-bit, 48kHz, Stereo
Ripped/Synced by: bronan
Synced To: BD

For any others who grew up with Saturday Anime or VHS tapes, you'll be happy to see the old Streamline dub back in action! The best quality I could find of the original dub is the rare Streamline laserdisc from the early 90s. Unfortunately the digital track on the release was the Japanese, so I did an analog capture in as high quality as I could. I thought it may only slightly beat out the DVD, but after comparing them back to back there is no question.
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