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[Request] Criterion Collection Laserdisc Supplements.
IIRC, that was the first commentary track ever released.

I was capturing my Criterion Jason and The Argonauts and 2001: A Space Odyssey supplements a while back, but I need to review them to make sure I got it right.
How would you guys go about preserving CAV frame by frame still galleries? Ludicrous speed, or slow them down?
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(2019-02-15, 08:44 PM)SilverWook Wrote: How would you guys go about preserving CAV frame by frame still galleries? Ludicrous speed, or slow them down?

I'd make any image last few seconds - depending if there is text to read or not; best thing would be to freeze any frame until you press forward or back, but dunno if there is any tool that let's make it, though.
Sadly my projects are lost due to an HDD crash... Sad
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For capture purposes, I've been playing through at a slow speed so each frame is up for a few seconds. Some galleries would also have to be preserved at Ludicrous speed as they sometimes have music or an effect only visible if you play through. I still wonder to this day how Criterion put a subliminal frame on their DEVO Laserdisc that cannot be freeze framed!

I have some NASA archive discs that came out via Criterion's sister label Voyager that are nothing but thousands of still images!

I did notice on the old DVD of Highlander 2, they just ported over the Laserdisc supplements and the CAV still galleries were at Ludicrous speed without any explanation for the Laserdisc uninitiated. Wink
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Some of the Laserdiscs have been reinstated into the Blu-ray Criterion Collection - are there any extras they've missed?
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