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Top Gun Open Matte (Quick Project)
That's cool, is it on the French original DVD too?

I will have to check. And maybe buy the DTS edition LOL.
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This project is as dead as goose

It will return with the AC-3 70mm LD mix and other additions sometime in the future.

Thanks for the downloads, hope people liked the project and thanks for all the help (particularly X5's new copy).
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So I checked both the R1 NTSC original DVD and the R2 french Pal original DVD.

Indeed Beber, the 5.1 on the Pal DVD has a narration in the opening on the french dub.
It's absent on the R1 NTSC french Dolby Surround track.

I compared both widescreen version and I think Jerry Shadoe was wrong when it comes to the best one. R2 has some interlacing you can get rid of, but it's way more stable, with better color resolution, than the horrible R1 widescreen which has an EE line at the bottom, and some pixels missing under the black matte on top.

I think the extra information he was seeing was just due to Edge Enhancement.

I may buy the R2 french remastered with the DTS track you mentioned Beber, just to have the better resolved french track.

I think it could be cool if I do an IMAX like version.
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PS Beber, is this the DVD you're talking about? No mention of french DTS
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This one:
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(2019-03-13, 11:49 PM)Chewtobacca Wrote: I'm not even sure that I kept the 3D BD.  If I did, I'll try to check it against this release when I have a minute.

I couldn't find the 3D BD, but I did locate the 2008/9 BD.  It needs 143 frames added to the start to sync to PDB's release, whereas the 3D needed 142, so logically the single-frame (42ms) delay discussed earlier in the thread should indeed do the job.

Those of you who had sync problems with the foreign dubs on the 3D might try delaying the tracks on the first BD instead and seeing if you have better luck.

eac3to.exe input output +5964ms
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Zoidberg was nice enough to sync the LD's AC-3 to my project and it sounds pretty great. If you want a copy drop me a PM. All you need to do is mux it in with MKVmerge.
New members: Please do not post or PM asking where to get something. Projects are for long term, participating members only. Stick around and make some friends
Thanks given by: LucasGodzilla , Stamper

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