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[Help] DTS Cinema and channel levels
Greetings all,

After a long hiatus I have jumped head first back into cinema DTS rips with a couple projects.  Since I could not remember all the knowledge on the process, specifically the channel levels, I decided to go seek out official DTS sources as well as SMPTE documentation (SMPTE RP200) on cinema sound levels.  

From what I gather, systems are calibrated to achieve the following:

LCR: 85dB
Surround: 82dB
Subwoofer: +10dB in-band gain compared to the mains.

DTS' documentation seems to indicate that levels are recorded taking this into account (as was Dolby Digital and SDDS).  Thus the levels should be:

LCR: 85dB
Surround: 82dB
Subwoofer: 91dB for films after Jan 1, 1999.  Prior to 1999, they should be 88dB.

After parsing through threads here and, I don't see a mention of adjustment on the sub channel at all to account for this difference in levels.  The question is, what have you all done on your DTS Cinema projects?

Thanks ahead of time!

Thanks given by: TomArrow
To be quite honest, I always just use the foobar2000 plugin and don't do any additional changes at all. But I know some people here do their own extraction of the LFE with some fancy technique, but I never bothered to learn that or understand the reasoning fully. Plus, it seems to be based at least partially on speculation, as the specific lowpass process doesn't seem to be properly documented. I could be wrong though.
Thanks given by:
I use Foobar2000 as well. I don’t think it adjusts any levels at all but does extract the LFE properly.

Thanks given by:
Old(ish) thread, but I have my first Cinema DTS disc to decode and sync.

I have foobar2000 with the latest release of the 'foo_input_apt-x100.fb2k' plug-in and I'm able to load in and hear the .AUD files from a mounted .iso.

So at the transcoding to .wav(?) stage, is there any filters ect I need to apply?
The conversation above about 'levels' suggests I have to alter the channel levels to accurately represent how it's supposed to be heard?
I also seem to remember discussions about extracting the LFE from the rear channels?
I'm also staying in 44100kHz at the moment and resampling when Ive finished syncing to make it BD compliant for my project.

Any help from you guru's would be much appreciated Smile
Thanks given by: little-endian
I am no guru, but I'm just converting to 5.1 wav, LFE included Smile No filters. Sounds good to my ear
Thanks given by: CSchmidlapp , HippieDalek

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