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moviebarcode - a little idea that could help us all...
A movie color grade condensed in just one image:

the first thing I thought is "nice, but useless..." -  then I found this avisynth script:

and wasted two minutes to download and test it... then I realized a thing...
"what if we use this for a 'fingerprint' of the movies we are using?"
It could be useful to make comparison between a movie with different color grading at a glance!

An example from The Arrival - top IT DVD, bottom US BD (click for larger versions):

[Image: moviebarcode_the_arrival_IT_DVD.jpg]

[Image: moviebarcode_the_arrival_US_BD.jpg]

What do you think?
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That's actually pretty damn cool, almost artistic.

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Thanks given by: spoRv
Awesome. Big Grin The BD is so washed out it's not even funny.
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Here you are a before and after the levels correction:

[Image: moviebarcode_the_arrival_US_BD.jpg]

[Image: moviebarcode_the_arrival_US_BD_right_level.jpg]

The washed out colors are a bit more alive now!
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