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Proposal The Beyond (1981) – 7 Doors of Death Restoration

Shameless Entertainment in the UK have just announced a new Blu-ray release of this containing four different versions of the film
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Nooooooooooo! Why'd it have to be Shameless?
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(2019-04-05, 07:14 PM)bronan Wrote: Nooooooooooo! Why'd it have to be Shameless?

That's how I feel with Fulci's Contraband and their DVD release some years back (like seriously, it's 2019 and there's STILL no HD master???). Sadly, this new release seems to only have four different versions of the PROLOGUE and nothing else. Still though, curious to see how that'll turn out, but I have to admit, this comment does not sit right with me...

  • THE BEYOND prologue four-way comparison, showing: The Standard Sepia + the Original Colour + the B&W version + the new fourth-way: the Yellow-toned sepia version.
    A new fourth-way: the Yellow-toned sepia version which we’ve created as an addition, after consulting various notes from director of photography (DOP) Sergio Salvatti.

[Image: c_image.php?max_height=1080&s=110150&a=0&x=0&y=0&l=0]

There doesn't seem to be any boasting of any new transfers which is also a shame since there's that Scotti Prod master hidden from the world. Ah well, I'm just having my fingers crossed to at least get the colored opening restored in HD since the one included on the Grindhouse Release is pretty rough around the edges.

Side-note: There's going to be a 35mm screening of the movie up in LA on the 20th that I hope to be going to. I doubt it'd be color accurate since I think it's one of the fresher Grindhouse re-issue / re-release prints, but I'll probably try to make a few mental notes on anything that's obvious (like the golden prologue or the hospital blues).
[Image: ivwz24G.jpg]
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So I came out last night from the 35mm screening and I am left with some answers and questions. The print in question was a fairly beaten up Grindhouse Releasing reel riddled with slight scratches and a noticeably yellowed hue (it was easily the roughest looking print out of the three shown).

Now, on the topic of the colors, the opening is the yellowed hue seen in the Grindhouse home releases (obviously), however, there's a more prominent teal push throughout, especially during the night time scenes and some areas in the hospital. In fact, I vividly recall two shots.

[Image: vlcsnap-2019-04-21-14h02m17s571.png][Image: vlcsnap-2019-04-21-14h11m36s021.png]

The one on the left in the screening was much darker and intense color-wise. The lantern provided a strong orange glow whilst the blue lighting of the night was also rather teal-looking. For the one on the right, in the screening, it was completely soaked in teal with the exception being the obvious red light.

The scene with Schweick in the morgue was bathed in blue as well, however, it was far less... artificial? The panels in the back looked relatively white whilst everything else was bathed in a relatively warmish blue (not as cold as the home release). You can see it in the brief live-photo video I took with my iPhone (sorry for the knee partially blocking the screen, I kind of took it blindly to avoid pissing anyone off).

I also recorded the final scene which was also bathed in a teal color scheme. Again, the iPhone recording is not perfect, but it does at least allow you to get a glimpse of what I am talking about here.

Looking back at all of this though, I have realized that since the print has the yellow hue, leading to that teal push, I adjusted a few pics to fix that issue. You can see that here...

All in all, the home media version by Grindhouse is not far off from that version of the movie that I suppose was released in the 90s (or 2000s), but it still is not on the mark. It still also doesn't answer the question of how the original US 7 Doors print looked and it seems fairly obvious that this doesn't reflect any original Italian theatrical prints.
[Image: ivwz24G.jpg]
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