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Mulan HDTV 1080i from rutracker

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I remember someone saying this version has bad sound sync.

Can this person download this blu-ray track and check it with -1303ms delay? I can't watch the whole movie at the moment, but I checked a couple scenes and it seemed alright.

https://mega.co.nz/#!Yl0XHCCR!NNwHCVGa-2...cKzw5v8Z0E pass: Mulan
Oh, I was the one!
Yes, it did!!
Thank you! Smile
I'd like to check it but currently I don't have HD space to download Mulan.
I may have in a couple of days!
Do you think it could fit the 720p HDTV too from rutracker?
I think it may be the same file.
By the way, how do I put delay?
I understand I will mux the audio with mkvmerge, right?
There i can add delay?
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Yes. You can also quickly check it with Media Player Classic.

File->open file->open dub

Then you select the track on play->audio track

Then view->options->audio switcher->delay

I recommend getting the 1080i version, it looks gorgeous Big Grin
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is there something wrong with the blu-ray?
(2015-04-27, 06:05 PM)bendermac Wrote: is there something wrong with the blu-ray?
well ,it's a direct transfer of the CAPS files without any grain, and I prefer transfers of film prints with grain that give the film life and make it look cinematic .
The HDTV seems to be from a film print with grain!
I really don't like the grainless Disney Blurays which seem to me like cheap TV shows and don't have any filmic quality at all.
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So, did you check it?

I actually watched the movie with the BD track. It seemed to be synced properly with -1303 delay, not sure if it's right to the last millisecond, but certainly good enough to watch.
Hello Feallan.
I'm just freeing space and I will check it in an hour or so.
By the way, have you kept the original audio that the 1080i file had?
Do you agree that the audio was out of sync?
i was just watching it now.
eg. some spots I use as reference:
at 12.19'' when she makes those little jumps, the sound comes up a bit later
also at 12.40'' when she says "why is my reflection" you can see that the audio doesn't go with the lips
By the way, I can't seem to be able to use the on-the-fly trick you mentioned with MPC.
It plays both audios simultaneously!
edit: Just checked it with the new audio and the delay you said.
Well, it seems better indeed, but those spots I mentioned, especially when I hear the "why is my reflection" line, still doesn't sync perfectly I think.
I'm not sure..
edit2: as i see the bluray, it's not perfectly synced there too. So, I guess it was like that.
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You'll never get a perfect lip sync for an animated movie. Smile

You look if other sounds sync, like that guy waving his sword around at 01:40.
(2015-05-01, 03:40 PM)Feallan Wrote: You'll never get a perfect lip sync for an animated movie. Smile
You look if other sounds sync, like that guy waving his sword around at 01:40.
I just finished the movie!
Ok, it's good, no further adjustmenets needed.
Thank you again!
I have though a problem with the file.
I deleted the original and I'm not sure if it was in the original too.
In 2 spots which coincide exactly with 2 chapter changes, the file freezes for a couple of seconds.
Maybe I should make a new file again with mkvmerge, not including the chapters but I'm out of Hard disc space again! Big Grin
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When I watched nothing was freezing.

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