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Night of the Living Dead (1990) LD PCM
Anyone happen to have this disc? It would be nice to get it synced up to the newer Sony release. Thanks!
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I think this track was already ripped for the TeamBlu release
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Is it still available anywhere?
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(2019-03-07, 12:02 AM)bronan Wrote: Is it still available anywhere?

Teamblu kinda disappeared when darkjedi's pc went out. That was a year or so ago. To my knowledge there isn't an easy way to get their projects anymore. I have most of them but lost NOTLD (1990) somehow. If I can get my hands on it I will report back.
Thanks given by: bronan
I too am looking for this but can't find the TeamBLU release to pull it from anywhere.
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I don't agree with it, but there is an idiot selling the TeamBlu release on Ebay
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I have teamblu's release of NOTLD somewhere. I'll grab it and post for you Bronan
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Oh cool, thanks but I am all good. I forgot to post back here, but crampedmisfit ripped the PCM track from it for me. Unfortunately I never got around to doing anything with it. If he doesn't still have the link up I can up it for whoever would like it
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Ok I just ripped it and came here to send you a PM Smile

But since you're got it already, I'll delete it for now. In case somebody else needs it, I can grab it again.
Thanks given by: bronan

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