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[Idea] Attach Universal Logo to Remastered 2019 Judgment Night Transfer
I would like for someone to attach the Universal Studios Logo to the 2019 Warner Archive Remaster of Judgment Night (the Universal Logo is removed)

 I would like to sync the 2.0 Mix from the 1998 Goodtimes DVD release of Judgment Night, as well as the Spanish and French Language Tracks, as well as the DTS 5.1 Mix from the 2004 Universal DVD release to the gorgeous 2019 remaster.
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Do you have the 2019 remaster Blu-ray?
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Since Warner's Judgment Night remaster looks really clean and stable for a 2k remaster, Universal's remastered Apollo 13 BD would be a good candidate for sourcing the Universal logo (stay away from most other Universal releases of their 90s titles due to obvious DNR reasons). Even though Apollo 13 was a 4k source, it seems to have been degrained a bit and being JN looks to have had grain management as well, I think it would mesh well considering.
Thanks given by: dwalkerdon

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