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Beverly Hills Cop LD stereo mix
Anyone have this that would be syncable to the Blu-ray?
The 5.1 mix is harsh and terribly mixed.
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I might have an old capture of the original 1985 Laserdisc lying around. It would be from the analog tracks though, as I didn't have the ability to directly capture the digital tracks at the time. Although with my previous experience with Paramount titles of the era, specifically Grease, I wouldn't be surprised if the disc didn't have digital tracks at all. I don't have the Laserdisc itself anymore to check unfortunately.

There is a later THX remastered LD from 1994.
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That might be a big help thanks, the later one may be better but that would be original
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I'll try to look for it this week. There will be an interruption in my internet service soon, and the new service won't be installed until next Monday at least. Upside is the new stuff ought to be faster than my old DSL and I can finally upload stuff at a decent speed for a change.
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That's cool, no hurry.
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Are people forgetting we have this already?

Film Addict    
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Was thinking the same thing, Doombot. What's the catch.

(2019-03-25, 08:23 PM)DoomBot Wrote: Are people forgetting we have this already?
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Well then...
[Image: tenor.gif]
Big Grin
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(2019-03-25, 08:23 PM)DoomBot Wrote: Are people forgetting we have this already?

I blame the search!
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