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Weird bug on this website
Same here, followed the instructions earlier in the thread and I'm now seeing the 'ebay' thread.
Will keep you updated.
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Just few tiny-tiny bugs

1) noted that on Unread, dunno if somewhere else to: the [ of [proposal] has been shown as {
Nothing major, indeed visiting the related forum it was right.
2) when click on the Unread Posts links, sometimes I've been taken not to the last post, but some posts before (that were read in a previous session)
3) not related to Unread: if I do not post on a poll, I can't see the results
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Should also add that now, if I post a comment, then click the Unread, I see also the thread with my own comment...
And, regarding my previous post, bug #2, it happens always.
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More, sometimes I post a comment, click Unread and it's not there, then follow some thread links, click Unread again, and my previous comment is there! It happens both on PC and phone.
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