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Help me build the "definitive" FanRes computer!

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Lately, my last computer had problems; taken to a computer shop to change the PSU, discovering they KILLED my main HDD, using cable from the old PSU - which, of course, was not compatible... adding insult to injuries, they do not even admitted they made a wrong move, but just said "it can happen in every moment!" - where the HDD PCB was clearly burned... I also bought a brand new PCB for that, only to discover that it was (not) the only problem... so, I lost EVERY previously made Fundamental Collection final projects! Sad More, I spent money for a useless PCB, a small SSD just to make it work temorarily, and a new PSU - useless, as the problem was the CPU cooler!

Long story short, I decided to sell the remains of the PC (CPU/MB/RAM/PSU) for few bucks, and to restart with a new, fast, powerful HEDT!

What I wanted to build actually cost, brand new, an arm and a leg (plus the left kidney, I suppose), so I started to see around for an used one.

Found that one of my friend decided to sell his supa-dupa workstation - barely used, in very pristine condition - because he wants to upgrade to "faster hardware" (just for the sake of it)... the price of his rig is very good indeed (here, it's possible to find out at the same price used computers with just one GPU, half the RAM, worst MB, half wattage PSU etc.)

The system is made by the following components:

CPU: AMD Threadripper 1950X
MB: ASUS ROG Zenith Extreme
cooler: Enermax Liqtech II TR4 240mm
RAM: G.Skill Ripjaws V 64GB 3200 CL14
GPU: 2x AMD Vega Frontier 16GB
PSU: Enermax G2 1300W

add to them my own old case, small SATA SSD, various HDDs.

Now, the problem is, I can't afford it right now, because I had to divert those funds to cover sudden expenses that could be not delayed; sure, I could always wait several months and buy another computer, yet this rig is great, the price too, and I am 100% sure it is in very good condition, almost brand new, quite some residual warranty - all things that will probably never happen again for the same item.

My friend said that he can allow me some time to pay it in full... so, I'm here to ask if there is someone that could be interested to help me buying it; all money received will be used only and exclusively to cover the computer cost and, in the (very remote) chance funds will be higher, they will be used to add NVME m.2 SSD(s) for fast caching, and HDD(s) for archival purposes (and possibly backup). This computer will be used, of course, to make fanres projects - I have several half-made (to name few, Dobermann regrade, Silent Hill UAR) almost ready, but I thought to release the following first:

Alien UHD - http://alien.tk

I know that an UHD-BD will be released on April 23rd 2019, but I'm pretty sure it will not be as good as mine, and it will be wonderful to release mine before it, and discover I was right! Big Grin also, other UHD projects will be released soon, but I do need that kind of power to release them in few weeks, instead of many months (if ever) using my actual 12yrs old PC...

Because there are always some new users (and some old ones, too), that ask if they can do something to help me... well, now it's the time! If you like my previous projects, and want to see some brand new and improved ones, chime in!

For the moment, I just want to know if you will/can donate some cash - to let my friend be aware; then, eventually, starting to raise money in the next week.

Thanks a lot in advance to anybody who will contribute to keep my fan restoration dream alive!
Sadly my projects are lost due to an HDD crash... Sad
Fundamental Collection | Vimeo channel | My blog
Now, it happens that I was convincing enough to let me use it - instead of let the pieces be in a closet, waiting to be sold - for a month, while I'm trying to find some money, at least enough to pay it partially... ah, it's rewarding to find out that friendship has some value yet!

It seems I must not eat anything for the whole month to put some money apart... Big Grin
Sadly my projects are lost due to an HDD crash... Sad
Fundamental Collection | Vimeo channel | My blog

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