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[proposal] Poltergeist (1982) uncut!

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I'm sure you know about the scene that has been cut from all home video releases, right?
The subject is discussed here:

I wonder if that scene could be found (I guess in a 35mm print?) and restored into the film.
Oh man, i would love to see something like this done! Could a 35mm print with the cut intact be found though, and how would we know it was even there before getting it? There was a 70mm red shift print that was for sale but that was awhile ago.
I was just thinking about that cut the other day, since i'm syncing the LD right now. It sure is one of the worst cuts ever made IMO, really bugs the hell out of me.

For those who haven't seen the cut or know what we're talking about, here it is https://mega.co.nz/#!5V8iERaY!aDAPQfG1vB...VSPRTLIq-s
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Yes, I can't believe who approved this!!

I think it would be better just to change the word "pizza hut".
Yeah, it was strange and they couldn't have done something else that worked.
I remember watching the movie with that scene intact, once the dvd came out i of course noticed it and thought it was a glitch on the dvd, until i took to the internet.
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(2015-04-29, 03:25 PM)DoomBot Wrote: Yeah, it was strange and they couldn't have done something else that worked.
I remember watching the movie with that scene intact, once the dvd came out i of course noticed it and thought it was a glitch on the dvd, until i took to the internet.
That scene was taken out at the last minute  after its release and after editing was finished to negate Pizza Hut suing, that's why the cut is so bad. I believe only a few preview screenings and maybe a few early theatrical screenings in the US included the scene, the theatrical release worldwide was edited. I saw a bootleg telecine vhs of Poltergeist when it was first released in the States and as far as I remember that scene was not included. It definitely wasn't on the official vhs / beta cassettes when they were first released either. You must have seen one of the preview or early theatrical prints.
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So, this would seem a real task and a treasure hunt to put back the scene where it belongs.
I wonder if sometime Pizza Hut stopped existing, would they be able to release it? Big Grin
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It seems like someone out must have it even if they don't realize they do.
Funny thing is i never saw this in theaters, i was 5 years old when it was released but for some reason i remember the scene. Could i be imagining that i saw it, possibly but i sure did love this movie back when i saw it and watched it many times. Not really sure what age i was though. Is it possible a VHS copy actually did have it oreven aired on tv? After all we read about this stuff on the internet and not everything is true, so just maybe.
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why do these 2 entries say "uncut"?
Was anything else cut?
(I mean i doubt they're referring to the pizza hut scene)

It certainly was a hell of a movie when I first saw the telecine and have loved the movie since, ditto The Thing and E.T. both again on bootleg telecine and all around the same time, 1982 was a good year for movies.
So i have a guy that's checking his 70mm print for the missing video. It's a long shot but we need to start somewhere right. I'll keep you guys updated when i have more news.
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