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The Warriors Theatrical Cut German Mediabook

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The UK PAL laserdisc just turned up on ebay:


Not sure how this would compare to the VHS captured by SilverWook?
LDDB says it came out in 1982. No CX encoding, either. Not sure any PAL titles ever had CX though.
(2019-04-02, 07:57 AM)crampedmisfit1990 Wrote:
(2019-04-02, 07:15 AM)SpaceBlackKnight Wrote: This is indeed a legit release by an outfit called 84 Entertainment. It is region B locked (as opposed to being region free if it were a bootleg or typical Paramount release) and is licensed from Paramount, as their logo is clearly seen on the back cover image. It is said to have the original English mono (DTS_MA) in addition to the 5.1 remix (also in lossless compared to the shitty DC BD) and the German theatrical dub.

Apparently, it uses the same HD transfer of the theatrical cut as the Paramount DVD, and the real reason it uses that version is because the German dub only exists for the former and not the Directors Cut version with those tacky inserts.
Where did you hear it was the orignal mono? I just assumed it was the 5.1 remix downmixed to 2.0. That is indeed great if it is a lossless original mono mix. The original doesn't exist lossless elsewhere if I recall right.

(2019-04-03, 11:38 AM)zoidberg Wrote: I'm not planning to revisit this one anytime soon but if I had the Amazon WEB-DL at the time I would have most likely used that for the missing frames and the spotlights shot.

Has anyone been able to confirm whether the 2.0 DTS-HD on the blu is mono or a stereo fold-down yet?

Same question. The new Imprint release is not mono, but what about the german blu-ray?
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From what I see on dvdcompare, the 2.0 track of the German edition would also be stereo and not mono: https://www.dvdcompare.net/comparisons/f...id=11295#7

English DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1
English DTS-HD Master Audio 2.0 Stereo
German DTS-HD Master Audio 2.0 Stereo

Although it would be better if someone could confirm it, I love this film and I think there are also 2 German editions. Paramount seems to have no intention of releasing the theatrical version. Just the ridiculous director's cut and in 5.1. Good way to destroy a great film.

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