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[Released] Mad Max (1979) original color timing & mix
Unfortunately, the Amazon is enlarged and circumcised.

[Image: vlcsnap-2019-04-21-19h29m57s552.png]

[Image: vlcsnap-2019-04-21-19h30m12s251.png]

[Image: vlcsnap-2019-04-21-19h30m19s220.png]

[Image: vlcsnap-2019-04-21-19h30m45s797.png]
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It looks as if the Amazon video is the same as the BD anyway. Thanks for checking, maksnew!
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I've found a comparison video between BD and WEB 4K (3840x1640 HDR):

4K colors and contrast are more similar to HDTV/DVD (and it has a tiny bit bigger frame size, too - according to this comparison, the contrary is true!), so it will be the perfect candidate for a regrade, instead the BD - dunno about details, though, but I assume it should be better.

Meanwhile, I tried to overlay the chroma of the DVD on top of regraded BD (and also added a small slice on a side - badly aligned - along with inpainted corners thanks to AutoOverlay script) and result is not that bad at all!
(by the way, did not work better with the previous frame)

Meanwhile, I'm testing the HDTV desubbed - it will be always worthwile as a color reference for a regrade; result is not bad at all - subtitles traces are not visible at all:!mxEgiKpa!0EFj7RO7TnMX4...yf3lmKUaag
(1920x1080 23.976fps HEVC, 33s 142MB no audio)

as you can note, as it's an UAR version, there are very small empty corners that I want to fill for the final release.


(Main problem now is that, at a whopping 0.46fps speed - multithreaded enhanced, so at least 4x faster than not enhanced - it will always take more than five days 24/7 to make it - without counting the corner inpaint, that will increase total time! Eek )
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Is the UHD a WEBRip or an actual BD release?

Film Addict    

New members: Please do not send me a PM about how to acquire a file or project. Participate in forums, just asking for things and not participating will get you nowhere fast.

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(2019-04-23, 01:55 AM)DoomBot Wrote: Is the UHD a WEBRip or an actual BD release?

I assumed it was an UHD-BD watching the youtube video, where it is indeed a WEB version - still, it's 2160p HDR.
Previous post edited.
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Also, do note the color "splotches" on the BD:

it is a clear sign, to me, that it was (badly) regraded; the same could be noted in the previous comparison:

albeit it's less noticeable - but it is clearly visible when regraded using DVD as color reference... I thought the regrading script was guilty, where I do think now it was the wrong grading that lead to that.

Just tinkered with 4K, and I ended with the following conclusions:
BD - good details, poor contrast, bad colors
UHD - great details, fair contrast, good colors but muted
HDTV - poor details, good contrast, best colors + smaller frame size

I tried another regrading route: instead of porting chroma, or luma+chroma, I tried to port only luma from HDTV, leaving the original colors of the UHD but with increased saturation (+50%), and the result is as following:

[Image: MM1-comparison.jpg]

I guess this is the best result ever (and even a bit better using DVD as color reference, probably due to its slightly bigger frame size) - best details, best contrast, good colors, bigger frame size than HDTV (albeit a tiny bit less than BD); sure, one image could be not enough to judge, but I will not go further with HDTV desubbing, until I will discover if regrading the whole UHD will lead to a consistent, good result. Now shoot me! Big Grin

Last note: probably watching the UHD in HDR will give the color the needed boost, along with the obvious contrast change.
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UHD Regraded all the way.
You maybe able to keep some of the highlight details that are gone in places also.

Are you going to downscale to 1080p also?
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I'm partial to the HTDV desubbed. The clip looks ace. I would ditch on that one the UAR if I were you, save you some time.

Then once it's desubbed, you can spend time regrading the UHD and doing further experiments?

Are you certain you can match all the colors including the grass? Grass has that unmistakeable film print quality on the DVD and HDTV, which the UHD have not.
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Yes, the HDTV cleaned, in motion, is not that bad at all - if you watch that one alone!

UAR would take the same time of non-UAR, as the DVD and HDTV need to be aligned...

Grass: dunno, I need more tests.

UHD: if I'll use it as source, it will be my first attempt with UHD resolution; as I did not downscale any previous project of mine, I think it's fair to leave it at its own resolution as well - I'll leave the task to anybody who would do that.
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It's not just a different resolution, you open a whole new can of worms with Rec2020.

If you match the few shots with clipped whites from the BR, I could fix a few of them using resolve and power windows, keeping the HDTV except for the clipped parts, but they need to be aligned.
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