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[Released] Mad Max (1979) original color timing & mix
(2019-04-24, 09:37 PM)Stamper Wrote: I think it might be good I give a try and order the Australian BR, in case they use the same master as the DVD. I will be able to do this next month.

Don't buy that garbage.

[Image: FfVm2cy.jpg]

Quote:I've just watched my copy of Mad Max, and on the whole, the picture quality is just exceptional. Granted I hadn't watched the movie the whole way through since the days of video, but it sure was a thing of beauty. I did however notice at least one instance of macroblocking at 1:21:43 (just before Max overtakes the bulldozer truck). It barely lasted half a second, but there it was.
How is macroblocking fixed?
If you're asking if the macroblocking is fixed, then unfortunately no. If you're actually asking 'how to fix it', it would need re-encoding.
Roadshow transfer, MGM/Shout! Warner
It's probably from the same scan, but it's a different encode.
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My vote is for Non-UAR.
Crop to HDTV frame + regrain.
Much less work with great results. Wink
Thanks given by: Chewtobacca
(2019-04-25, 01:18 AM)marin888 Wrote: My vote is for Non-UAR.
Crop to HDTV frame + regrain.
Much less work with great results. Wink

Actually, no more work at all... it will take the same time to do UAR and non-UAR version, in this case.
I don't understand why everyone is against this specifical UAR: I mean, I can understand other films, where the UAR has "stepped" borders or "crossed" image, but in this case the result is like the HDTV plus more image on some sides - yet, even with them, the frame size is still smaller than BD/UHD; it seems all like smaller frame size, when it's well known that "bigger is better"! Happy

I repropose the screenshot comparison if someone has lost it:
(note: the previous comparison has still the small black corners that would be fixed in the final UAR version)
Why not getting 2 or 3% more image without any contraindications?!? Can someone explain me?

Final note: along with regrain, deblock and denoise are necessary, as the HDTV is ridden with MPEG-2 artefacts and blocks.
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I cam guarantee you'll never notice the filled corners, as they are so tiny!

I guess it's possible to write a script that detects "bleed" fill.

Overscan: most modern HDTV have some "1:1 pixel" mode, hence no overscan; for the ones which have overscan, though, with the UAR they will retain more image than HDTV!
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OK I suppose it's not worth sorting them all and you're right they might not be noticeable.

I say leave it as is (unless you can fill those with the BR).

It will be good to have that HDTV nicely preserved.

The more the merrier!
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First encode of UAR is running - it will take another, what? 24+ hours? Eek Happy
Hope it will run smoothly 'til the end without crashes - touching wood!

EDIT: of course, as usual, it freezed around frame 16000... but it was a lucky coincidence, as I discovered that HDTV is sometimes out of sync - at least once due to repeated frame just when Japanese subtitles are inserted; more, the MP_Pipeline filter I used to make the script multithread and speed up encoding, actually does not speed up that much, and in addition it also contribute to let the HDTV be out of sync making Telecine works incorrectly... so, now I have to find out the HDTV sync problems, and rewrite the script. Later, not now. Smile
P.S. a quick correction lead to fix a bad alignment, so again I was lucky!
P.S.2 depending on the shot, the UAR frame size could be the same (few instances), about 2% bigger, or more than 4% bigger - that may seem a small figure, but it is quite noticeable:
Thanks given by: Stamper , marin888
Quite nice. Take your time!

Be sure to check for sync between the two masters. It's indeed possible some frames are missing in the HDTV due to it's recorded of the air source.

You can always swap with the Preserv.

This is going to be good!
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Worked to this the whole day - a pain in the... (you know where! Big Grin )

It works well with a given setting in a part, but bad in another, and vice versa... really tired... Sad

Well, when it works well, result is pretty nice; link to test clip, top HDTV, bottom UAR:!f0NSAAaB!O7Fb2IJkOK1Vo...XxWKT9BK5Y
as you can see, UAR frame size is noticeably bigger than HDTV.
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I love it! We get more of the exploitation vibe with the extra image, wider framing.

Can't wait to see it final and remuxed with all the soundtracks.
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Managed to divide the film in two parts - because they have different frame size; final version would be 2.40:1 (near the 2.39:1 original theatrical ratio), to "fit" both HDTV and DVD frames; first part (up to about 18m) has a smaller AR, that I decided to "normalize" to 2.40:1 (and it does not show "squeezing" problems); encoded the first part in different chunks, as a whole it would not work; so far, these are some notes:

- encoding took about 6hrs for first part, so it will take further 24hrs at least to make the rest
- final quality is pretty good, with few instances where the small "ambilight" corners (usually only one at a time) could be barely noticed - if you know where to watch, but, in normal viewing, they should not be so much distracting
- few frames were not yet in sync - dunno if due to HDTV lost/repeated frames; nothing too difficult to repair
- image is pretty stable, apart in one shot, where there are few consecutive frames (2 and 3) with bigger borders that should be cropped - again, nothing difficult to fix

to do:
- encode second part (I'll divide them in 20m parts, so I can encode them without fear of crashing)
- fix first part (previous notes, plus vertical Japanese sub at the beginning)
- remove WOWOW logo in the second part
- fix eventual problems in the second part
- opening and closing credits will be HDTV only, as they do not align properly as UAR, and no one needs 2% more black on the sides, I think! Big Grin

I guess it will take few days to do everything. If only I knew I had to work so much, I had simply to say "I am not able to remove those subtitles... sorry!" (said with a feeble voice) Tongue but no way, I can't not fix it... (should I fix my frenzy to fix everything, perhaps!)
[Image: c1bef8c340a327b613419406ba78013b.gif]

Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
Thanks given by: Stamper , The Aluminum Falcon

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