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[Released] Mad Max (1979) original color timing & mix
MAD MAX (1979)
Original color timing and audio preserv

Format: MKV

Picture: 2.39:1 from Original Warner European DVD remuxed to 23.976, no re-encoding. 720x576 displays @ 1024x576

Audio tracks:
- Original Australian mono (from Warner DVD) 2.0 DD 640kbps
- Original American dub mono (from Warner DVD) 2.0 DD 640kbps
- Original American dub stereo 2.0 (from Europe Blu-ray release) DTS-HD 1536kbps
- Original French mono (from Warner DVD) 2.0 DD 640kbps
- Original French stereo (from MGM Blu-ray release) DD 224kbps
- Original Spanish mono (from Warner DVD) 2.0 DD 640kbps
- Original German mono (from Warner DVD) 2.0 DD 640kbps
- Original Italian mono (from Warner DVD) 2.0 DD 640kbps

All the original Pal DVD 1.0 tracks were ripped, converted in Audacity to 23.976 with pitch and speed adjustment, then duplicated to 2.0, and re-encoded in DD 640kbps to ensure no loss of quality.
Other tracks are untouched just synced / remuxed.

Subtitles (PGS):

- English
- French
- Spanish
- German
- Italian

The film is now 40 years old!

On this day, let it exist a release that preserv the movie at is originaly looked and sounded.

See this thread for more information on how this came to be.

Special thanks for Mr. Brown for the Spanish and German soundtracks.
(2019-04-12, 10:31 AM)Stamper Wrote: no re-encoding. 1024x576

[Image: thinking-face_1f914.png]
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It's obviously anamorphic 720x576, becoming 1024x576 when back to proper proportions on a 16/9 widescreen.
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Sure, but then it's re-encoded! Not that is a problem, bear with me, yet it's not "no re-encoding", that's all! Big Grin
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I'm sure it's not reecoded either. It's just native 720x576 that your TV will stretch to 1024.
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I figured there was a piece of software that can alter the pixel shape without re-encoding, kind of like adjusting the frame rate of Audio tracks in MKV muxing software.
720 x 576 to 1024 x 576 return's the pixel shape to square pixel.

I'm unaware of one myself, Stamper could explain how you did this?
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As others said, all Pal DVDs display 1024x576.

So the video source is intact and untouched beyond the frame rate adjustment which doesn't change the original encoding.

I like to call those Pal conversions "mini HD" because in the end, it's not that far away from 720p.
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Agree, but... on DVD, it is encoded as MPEG-2 720x576; and, in your release? Again, not argueing about the release, but just want to point out that, if encoded as 1024x576 (flat) MPEG-2 or else, instead of 720x576 (anamorphic) MPEG-2, it was indeed re-encoded. If you wanted to mean "not resized", is another matter! Smile
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MKVMergegui can change the Display Aspect Ratio and FPS without re-encoding.
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(2019-04-13, 03:44 PM)Stamper Wrote: Yes it’s 720x576

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