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[Released] Mad Max (1979) original color timing & mix
Same Color Plates on UHD as old releases but upgraded.

No sunny Aussie day. Maybe this look is actualy original?

But what about if there is.....  somewhere.....

35mm SCOPE, UK print, Agfa color

HDR2SDR by Potplayer
[Image: Bez.png]
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Apparently the UHD mono mix is genuine. Also read the new 4K scan fixes most of the awful look of the original Blu-ray discs.
Thanks given by: CSchmidlapp , alleycat , NeonBible
(2020-11-22, 07:47 PM)Stamper Wrote: Also read the new 4K scan fixes most of the awful look of the original Blu-ray discs.

Except color grading, perhaps? Wink
Sadly my projects are lost due to an HDD crash... Sad
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I confirm, the so called "original mono" from the 4K disc of Mad Max is the same old fold downmix from the 5.1 as it features the same gunshots, missing foley sounds, and bad music edits.

Plus: the 4K still does not look like the original film (although it's an improvement from the old Blu-ray disc).

So the original Pal DVD is still the way to go to see Mad Max with original mono australian sound and colors.

SpoRv, you may want to use the 4K to refix the colors, it probably will be easier than from the old UHD web version.

For the soundtracks, my preserv is still the way to go.
Thanks given by: Hitcher

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