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Predator 2 (1990) LD PCM
[Image: IZE1Fk3.jpg]

Movie: Predator 2 (1990)
Format: LD 1853-85
Input Soundtrack: 16-bit, 44.1khz, Stereo (bit perfect)
Output Soundtrack: 16-bit, 44.1khz, Stereo (FLAC)
Ripped/Synced by: bronan
Synced To: 4K UHD

As noted in my progress thread, on top of the improved sound quality there are a few moments where they seemed to have completely forgotten SFX in the 5.1 mix!


[Image: wLSguoq.jpg]

[Image: Gc8oGtK.jpg]
Thanks given by: marin888 , PDB , DoomBot , spoRv , crampedmisfit1990 , predator2 , FreaQ
Awesome!!  Fucking Voodoo Magic Man  Happy

Thank you very much!!!
Thanks given by: bronan
guess the UHD disc was short on 1 gig Tongue
Thanks given by:
As usual this edges the horrible 5.1 remix (with missing sounds!). Awesome thanks.
Thanks given by:
Matte Painter Mark Sullivan
The alien predator spacecraft in a subway tunnel (!) from PREDATOR 2 (1990).
[Image: ROsvcrV.jpg]

The same shot, though this frame taken from a DVD edition of PREDATOR 2 which looks entirely different from Mark's original 35mm frame clip shown above.  Shows how transfers can vary from medium to medium.
[Image: hWtPHVI.jpg]

[Image: esx8Whr.jpg]
[Image: I5bAo8C.jpg]

Matte Shot - a tribute to Golden Era special fx
Thanks given by: bronan

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