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Predator (1987) 35mm Full Frame
[Image: TRedX5K.jpg]

Can we agree that 4k BD is perfect home video release ever for 1.85:1?

But what about a Full Frame...

FF film cells Vs 1.33:1 DVD
[Image: GxyNtaW.jpg]
[Image: 2WeG2lK.jpg]

Quote:Do you see how much is lost? Sure, the whole frames were not intended to be seen by us, "mere" mortals (read: director's composition and such...) but hey, if they are available somehow, why can't we have a chance to see them?


Quote:...Predator is still available in 35mm; if someone would like to contribute to buy, ship, and transfer it, an interesting restoration is possible...

Is it a full frame print?


Quote:I know where you can get 4K scans films, but the price is not small, an average of $ 1500 per film.

They have a full frame print?

Is 35mm FF was ever listed over ebay or any collectors site?

35mm Film Cells - These are from trailer
[Image: 60Mu7hO.jpg]
Thanks given by: Tylerdurden389 , Stamper , nafroe , DeafYakuza
Super 8mm Derann

Quote:The super 8 prints were printed "open mask"; ie. same as the 35mm negative to 35mm print and were projected in theatres with a 1.85 to 1 mask in the projector gate.

Picture quality is just superb with pin sharp focus throughout and excellent colours although with a very slight blue tint, but that is to be expected with most Derann features nowadays.

..and have to admit I agree it is up there with the sharpest of super 8 print releases I have seen, accompanied with a dynamic stereo recording to enhance the viewing experience.  ...and left me with the same impression and impact as it did in the actual cinema back in 1987!

I don't recall anything creeping into the top and bottom of frame on "Predator" that you really shouldn't see (like microphones, etc.), although I do remember that on the heat camera effect "Predator Vision" shots, you ocasionally see words like so-and-so VIDEO, etc. in the extreme bottom of frame!!!;t=000199

[Image: KyJQIkv.jpg]
[Image: 3q0wV1m.jpg]
[Image: FBHUzkH.jpg]
[Image: tTHsFCv.jpg]
[Image: AACWxSR.jpg]
[Image: PlHNOCl.jpg]
[Image: GBJqQta.jpg]
[Image: KW8YHBI.jpg]

--- venduto a 376€ - ottobre 2012 ---
[Image: 9Keru9M.jpg]
[Image: dsMT4FS.jpg]
[Image: jlPDibi.jpg]

SUPER 8 FILM REVIEW by BFCC - British Film Collectors Convention
A professional film director; "it is amazing that this sort of quality is obtainable from Super 8."
Thanks given by: nafroe

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