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[No Longer Available]Aliens SE, TV and Theatrical Cut (Japanese WOWOW HDTV Broadcast)
(2020-08-05, 11:50 PM)spoRv Wrote:
(2020-08-05, 11:17 PM)applesandrice Wrote: Wanted to share some photos of the case I made for this project.

Seems nice! Still, I don't get where the disc must be put in... Big Grin  can you post more pics and/or a video? Very curious...

Thanks, spoRv! Discs, plural, actually -- I turned this into a 3-disc set, with a single disc for each version of the film. Smile Each of the three flaps/pages is basically a disc envelope that's open across the top. The discs can just slip in and out.
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Heya! This project is one of the reasons I joined. I didn't think the SE with proper colors actually existed somewhere as I've never seen it in retail.
Movie-censorship feature a DVD vs. BD comparison and, so, mention a PAL DVD release (they call it director's cut, aren't they mistaken?), but I've never seen it, or maybe it doesn't exist in my language even though I've long known about the "edition speciale", dunno.

EDIT: or, well, actually there IS one called 'version longue' but I'm not sure it is THE one: ASIN B00012E3LY, there is no year of release info, just says it's 1.85:1 & 5.1 ENG FR

Which brings me to wondering if the current SE's (BR teal-tinted) French audio could fit in that JP SE version ?
Apologies if the question sounds stupid I really have no technical experience in that field, but it seems there could be a timing/pitch discrepancy since the source video and audio are from different formats and/or regions ?
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(2020-08-05, 11:17 PM)applesandrice Wrote: Wanted to share some photos of the case I made for this project. Thank you again for all of the love and hard work you put into this, PDB! It's awesome.

[Image: t5pCqzJ.jpg]
[Image: ZKeyYYx.jpg]

Pretty cool applesandrice!
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Looking For:
Alien 1999 Master Japanese BSHI Broadcast 1080i mid 2000s
Blade Runner DC Pre-BD US HDTV Broadcast 1080i 2005 (blade.runner.1080i.dd5.1.oar)
(2020-06-16, 03:17 PM)PDB Wrote: Ok project is going into the freezer, hope everyone enjoyed it.

Wait it's gone ? I don't understand.
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