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The Church (1989) LD PCM
[Image: nDruRXX.jpg]

Movie: The Church (1989)
Format: LD NALA-10071
Input Soundtrack: 16-bit, 44.1khz, Mono (bit perfect)
Output Soundtrack: 16-bit, 44.1khz, Mono (FLAC)
Ripped/Synced by: bronan
Synced To: Scorpion BD (Deluxe 2 disc version)

Well, yet another great soundtrack screwed up. The Scorpion (and other edtiions from what I can tell) use a stereo mixdown of the 5.1 Anchor Bay remix instead of the original mono track. On top of that its a semi-tone too high in pitch and has too much noise reduction to boot. To the rescue is the Japanese laserdisc!

NOTE: This is synced to the "deluxe" 2 disc edition with superior video encoding, but it should also be OK with the normal 1 disc edition if you add a 1001ms delay to the beginning (there are 24 extra frames at the beginning of the regular).

[Image: RuF4Jp8.jpg]
Thanks given by: crampedmisfit1990 , TomArrow
Nice! I haven't seen this film yet but had an interest for a long time. How would you rate it?
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(2019-05-07, 08:02 AM)crampedmisfit1990 Wrote: Nice! I haven't seen this film yet but had an interest for a long time. How would you rate it?

A schlocky Italian film: Always fun to watch but I wouldn't say it's particularly good (although it does have interesting ideas and uh, demon goat sex, yay I guess?). I saw it a bit back but now that this LD PCM has been synced, I'll give it another watch sometime and see if my judgment changes once I refreshed my memory on it.
[Image: ivwz24G.jpg]
Thanks given by: crampedmisfit1990
It's one of my favorite Italian horror movies. It's similar to Demons, but much more artsy than balls to the walls wacky. Lots of sweeping camera movements, great set design, amazing soundtrack, and impeccable atmosphere Smile
Thanks given by: crampedmisfit1990
Does anyone know if the English track on the UK BD is the original mix?

Is there something obvious like an added foley which will tell me?
Thanks given by:
It's not the original mix, its a fold down of the Anchor Bay remix (and wrong pitch at that)
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We’re you referring to the Scorpion BD or both that and the UK “Shameless” release?
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Both use the same audio track. The Shameless disc should be avoided, the compression is also terrible on it
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Thanks, good to know its also a fold-down.

Your LD capture doesn't sync up with the Shameless version. The audio starts out slightly behind and then drifts throughout until the 45min mark where it then goes ahead.
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Right, this is synced to the Scorpion Deluxe 2 disc edition. They are all different
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