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HDTV broadcasts have a slight magenta blanket

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Lately I recorded some HDTV movies from italian FTA DVB channels; even if bit rate is not that high - around 7-8mbps, but with spikes up to around 14mbps - they are quite good; of course, in comparison with BD, they retain no grain at all, but tiny details are well preserved, much better than what I supposed...

The only problem is they have all a slight magenta blanket applied to them; if watched alone, it is not that much noticeable, but when compared directly with the BD, this becomes clear, even if not so nasty.

I guess which could be the problem, and if you noted the same with the HDTV broadcasts of your country.
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I noticed this in the UK HDTV rip of 'The Dark Knight'. The colour grading on the master (same as the Blu ray) already has to much Red, so it looked really weird.
Perhaps a across the board colour fix can be created in a avisynth script or something. Does this apply to both PAL and NTSC broadcasts?

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