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Proposal The Abyss (1989) BD
Yep, but in this case, we already have a master done.

I'm afraid he'll go overboard like he did with the T2 master.

The colorist is good, but will do what Cameron says like he did with T2.

His last good remaster was Titanic in 2012.

From Terminator on (2013), we have releases with problems (mono mix missing, green overboard, CDS or original mix missing for T2, no remaster for the longer version of T2 etc.)

I even noticed the new bonus documentary on the Blu-ray of T2 is pitched 4.096 too low so they all sounds like they are out of their head on quaaludes.

In fact I'm thinking of remastering the documentary with the pitch corrected (the pitch is correct on the Pal DVD LOL).
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