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[proposal]The Abyss (1989) BD
Would the PCM be worth looking into? I guess this was a Dolby SR release originally.
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I think the Theatrical was PCM only on laserdisc. The Special Ed. has PCM and there was also an AC3 release (which I have) which is supposedly from the 70mm 6-Track.
I was on to a cheap copy of the Theatrical Cut on lddb but the seller sold it the day before offline. Grrrrrrr
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I've just read into another forum that the Netflix master is great; anyone knows something more about this?
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(2018-02-17, 04:22 AM)spoRv Wrote: I've just read into another forum that the Netflix master is great; anyone knows something more about this?

The Netflix master is the same as the recently restored HD version that’s been doing the rounds on HDTV for a few years now. Has the modern teal look to it though
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There are some instances of pixelisation and compression problems in the HDTV so a new version could be good!
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I've capped the Theatrical Cut Laserdisc (1561-85) and I'm uploading it now, should be ready later today. Drop me a PM if you're interested in checking it out.
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Which cap of the SE has the highest quality overall? Is it the AXN HD? It looks better than the ancient BSHI cap and the French one.
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