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BitPerfect: PCM Bit-Perfect Tester
Yes, that is partly why I thought it makes more sense to just check the bytes of known audio data. It can be done from basically any device with a digital out and any OS since it doesn't need proprietary decoding algorithms.
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I did some more work on this and was able to incorporate the Stream From Disk feature without adding too much code bloat. Its approximately 2.5x slower than loading the WAV into memory, but if you are working with very large files it could be a help (and a long wait).

I also got everything cleaned up and optimized, so its pretty much good to go now. When I have some time next I will look into how to prepare the builds for all platforms.
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I got the Linux build working, but there is an issue with the UI freezing sometimes after displaying a message box. I was looking at the Avalonia bug tracker and there's about 1000 outstanding issues with one that sounds eerily similar that was reported over a year ago. So that doesn't exactly fill me with confidence on a quick resolution. I think I will probably just change the design a bit so that message boxes aren't needed..
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Worked around the message box issue, and also got the OSX build working. I just need to make an icon and a few finishing touches. One nice thing about .Net 5 publishing is that you can include the entire required framework in the EXE so that no extra downloads are necessary. This means an 80mb EXE instead of 1mb, but the convenience is hard to beat.
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(2021-10-06, 04:44 PM)bronan Wrote: One nice thing about .Net 5 publishing is that you can include the entire required framework in the EXE so that no extra downloads are necessary.

Indeed, I really appreciate a simple standalone EXE file! Ok
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2.0 is finally released for Windows, Mac, and Linux, links are available on first post. Notice that I have shortened the reference WAV, so you will need to burn a new CD-R for this version. Also, I added support for matching 16-bit data in 24-bit files, so you can point BitPerfect to your raw Reaper recording rather than exporting once you know your export settings are correct. These changes should hopefully save everyone some time when re-testing to confirm their setup. Please let me know if you have any issues.
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