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Netflix HD captures?

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Do we have any users here who are capable of capturing HD video from Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, etc? There often are movies there available in HD which have not been released on Blu-ray. It could be very useful to capture them in 1080p, especially since they don't always stay up for very long. I've already missed a few which I wish had been captured. Any interest in this?
Take a look at this:
it could help!
Sadly my projects are lost due to an HDD crash... Sad
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That link to the thread on OT is slightly helpful, but most of the capture devices listed there are not available anymore (unless you are lucky enough to find an older, used one) and the thread hasn't been updated in a while. Granted, there is some useful information there that is posted by people that know their stuff.

However, I don't think that this really answered the OP question of "do we have any users capable...?" To be honest, I have been wondering this myself. Of course, I could spend a few hundred dollars and get all the equipment myself, but if there is someone that already has it and the time/willingness to help capture a few things - that would be awesome.

There are numerous things that I have seen on Netflix (I live in the US) that I have not seen released anywhere else (there are no web-dl, hdtv, dvd/bd copies available) and it would be nice to capture before it "disappears" in the abyss of the internet. The only way I have been able to capture some stuff off netflix is by using a German screencapturing application called "Audials" but my computer is only powerful enough to capture SD copies this way. There is usually a problem with consistent framerate/frames dropping and it's only viable when there's "no other option." I, too, am curious whether we have any members that have the capability to capture HD footage...
I use a ViewHD Splitter/HDCP stripper and an Avermedia ExtremeCap U3 USB3 capture device which is capable of capping at 60fps, which is apparently necessary in order to capture from a Roku player. It also works with VirtualDub, so I can cap to Huffyuv, Lagarith, UTVideo, etc.

Unfortunately, the Avermedia only supports 2-channel PCM capture over HDMI.
Weird, I was just trying to do this yesterday. I have a Dazzle DVC 100 USB capture device. I can use it with VirtualDub for VHS/LD. I can also use it to cap streaming through my Bluray player although the picture wasn't great.

I have a proggie called WM Capture that is great for screen capture but I cannot find a "for educational purposes" only WM Capture 6 version. I can capture Netflix but not the HD as far as I know.

Would be great to find out more.
Not trying to be annoying by bumping an old thread, but I'm curious whether there is anyone here that could help me with a netflix capture. If need-be, PM me and thanx in advanceWink
I'm able to do SOME things. You're better off getting stuff off of iTunes and stripping the DRM. That's what I've been doing.

The problem with Netflix, as has been mentioned, is the 60fps. Also, you can't set the resolution. So it can go quickly (or sometimes not so quickly) up to 1080p. I have the Hauppauge 1512, I believe. However, it can't capture 60fps but it DOES do 5.1.
So here's a question then .... are there movies ON Netflix that don't use the same masters as the BD/DVD releases do? Maybe that is worth it's own thread here as well, maybe worth some archiving?
With Netflix it's a very mixed bag and from what I've seen they usually use the same transfers as new BDs BUT there is some stuff on there in beautiful 1080p HD that is not available anywhere else and some of those titles might be worth capturing. Maybe a separate thread for cataloging all the titles might be a good ideaWink
What are you looking to capture, Jerry?

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