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Making a composite cut - what tools to use?

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This crop is horror - just see - http://screenshotcomparison.com/comparison/126161 (just layered these two in GIMP to see). Also the Japanese Cut is a bit squashed (bad aspect ratio I guess).

I guess I'll need to use higher quality DVD from US/EU to fill in the missing parts of video.
Wow, that's a lot of cropping!
If you can fix the color, and the cropping is the same for the whole movie, you could try to do the same you did with GIMP - of course using a video editor... in avisynth the alignement is *quite* easy; color grading is, at the contrary, always difficult, if you try to match two source to be 100% the same...
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Your best video editor on Mac would be Final Cut Pro 7, or probably Premiere on PC.

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