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Making a composite cut - what tools to use?

I am making a composite cut of Jackie Chan movie (Uncut DVD and German HDTV broadcast). I'll upscale the DVD using SuperResolution and other filters (do you guys suggest any?), but I would like to know what tool you suggest to use to make one movie out of these.
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Colek, welcome aboard!

I use only Avisynth, but, if you want a software that you could use immediately - or in few days - frankly I can't reccomend it... it's very though, after years I discover new things almost daily... it's a tool for adventure seeker and time wasters! Big Grin

You could try VirtualDub and AviDemux, both free and easy of use.

I'm sure someone else will step in to give some other advice.
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I was thinking of something that would look more like Sony Vegas in the look (I guess it would be very easy to 'navigate', it is pretty user-friendly for this stuff). Maybe I would just use Sony Vegas and that's all.

What do you suggest for upscaling a DVD material? SuperResolution and do you suggest any extra filters? Smile

I actually found this forum thanks to your posts on Original Trilogy, restoration really got me interested and I want to try my luck here.
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Super Resolution is only available as avisynth and virtualdub plugin, and the free version has ugly diagonal lines all over the place; about other filters, you should first decide which tool you'll go to use, then learn which filters/plugin are available for that.

The fact is, I'm an old dinosaur and use only avisynth... but there are many other project makers here, that could point you in the right direction.

Happy to have infected you with the "restoration fever"... but sorry also for that, because you'll be soon overwhelmed... Big Grin
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What would you suggest doing then? I don't really want to buy expensive plugins just to make a fan cut. The quality of the DVD is pretty rough - as you can see. There is 27 minutes of deleted scenes, so putting them in in such quality wouldn't look the best. Not to mention that HDTV is cropped as well -

Only other sources that are known are Laserdisc and VCD of that cut.
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DVD have blown whites - and those could be impossible to restore, while the HDTV is cropped, and pink tinted - first problem could be solved integrating the missing sides with upscaled DVD, but it will be quite hard, while the tint could be easily fixed.

Try to start with VirtualDub - that has a lot of plugins, almost all free; you must start somewhere, give it a try, at least you'll learn something new that could help you in the future!
Thanks given by: Colek
Right now my PC is doing the Super Resolution using the Video Enhancer tool (leaves no watermarks and has free 30 day trial, so I gave it a try).
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That's good! See, you have found the right, and free, way to do it... now you must finish in 30 days! Big Grin
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Well, I encoded it into uncompressed video (90GB yikes!) and the result is OK.

I have expected more, but it added details on many parts Smile
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Can't do miracles, but it helps! Now you have a lot more plugins to play with... have a good time!
Thanks given by: Colek

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