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LD/various audio tracks of The Big Lebowski (1998)?
Do any of you guys know anything about the mixes available of The Big Lebowski and which one is most theatrically accurate?

According to imdb, there should be a Cinema DTS out there I think but I was curious if it might be worth getting the audio from a Laserdisc as well. Do any of you have the LD?
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I have the LD, need to check it out
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Managed to get hold of the Cinema DTS. Interestingly, it has a separate Reel 1 for the international version. I wonder what the differences are.
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Possibly for different distributor logos?
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Can't be it, the distributor logos are in different files.
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So, I synced the DTS and the only difference between the normal and international version I can tell is that the latter has a different amount of silence in the beginning.

I'm starting to wonder ... is it possible that the start logo(s) in the theatrical version was/were silent? Because I can't for the life of me find the Universal logo sound among the Cinema DTS files. If that is the case, maybe it would make sense for me to leave it silent too for authenticity? Even though of course it is not silent on the UHD.
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The Big Lebowski was released theatrically in the USA by Gramercy Pictures
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I see. I can't find any sound that might belong to Gramercy either tho.
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Just checked the LD briefly, it opens with the Polygram Filmed Entertainment ident (which is silent), with the opening music track fading up just before the opening credits
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Thanks for checking! That makes sense. Any chance you could do a capture of that ident, and maybe of the digital soundtracks some day? Or is someone here aware of a good Blu Ray/UHD source of said ident?
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