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Nvidia Quadro
What exactly is Gigapixel, anyway?
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(2019-08-07, 12:37 PM)FrankT Wrote: What exactly is Gigapixel, anyway?

It's for upscaling photos using AI:
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Does it do video?
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(2019-08-07, 07:13 PM)FrankT Wrote: Does it do video?

Only if you save your video as an image sequence and process the frames one at a time (you can drop multiple frames onto the UI and it will process them all, but because there is no temporal processing, you can sometimes see some weirdness when using it with video frames: each frame on it's own may look fantastic, but played back at 24fps it might not look so great, with background objects and grain morphing strangely - it really depends on the content.) For that reason, I prefer Red Giant's Instant 4K for upscaling video for now.

Hopefully this technology will be applied to video upscaling soon.
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I suppose both could be used together to achieve the best results.
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