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[Idea] Sin City extended cut
Hey, guys.

Has anybody ever made an extended cut of the movie Sin City? I mean, editing back the extra footage of each story into the full movie runtime, 'cause the recut and extended versions are presented in seperate segments on DVD and Blu-ray. I'd like to see the whole thing as a movie instead of seperate 40ish-minute episodes.

Videowise, I noticed for the movie that the Japanese BD is 1.78 AR, while the US and French are 1.85.
The recut & extended stories are 1.85 AR on the US BD and 1.78 on the French one.

Audiowise, depending on the BD, there are 5.1 and 7.1 mixes for the movie, but only 5.1 for the recut and extended stories, apparently.
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