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My apologies...

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Lately, my memory lacks more than ever... don't know if it's due to my age, stress, or something else... the fact is, I promise to do a thing, and I mean to mantain the promise, but I forgot to do that thing... or, I make a thing, and I must let a person know what I did, discovering some time later I forgot to tell it to that person, even if I was sure I did it... so, I keep remember I'm forgetting something, but can't remember what! Sad

So, to whom it may concern: my apologies for everything! If you think I'm still forgetting something - a project to finish, a capture to make, a file to find, everything - don't worry, even if you have sent one previously, send another PM to remind me what I have to do...

Why I haven't addressed this message to the persons interested? Well, I can't remember who they are all! Tongue
Sadly my projects are lost due to an HDD crash... Sad
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I want you to pat yourself on the back and relax good sir.
The Forum is great, and I visit it everyday to catch up on what people are doing even if I'm a little silent at times.
You have put alot of time and dedication into it. Good luck with your projects.
Well said CSchmidlapp! Take a little break spoRv......put your feet up, have a drink. Smile
You are working too hard my friendWink

You produce some very impressive results with your extensive skills and invest a ton of time into your passion - restoration/preservation. This is greatly appreciated by the community BUT you are NOT a machine. Take some time for yourself, spend it with family, take a walk in the park and enjoy nature for a moment. Sleep a little bit, eat some healthy, good food and you will be fresh and ready to go againBig Grin

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