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Batman '89 regrade (old VC-1 BD source) V2 Released
I didn't know they'd fixed the titles. I've seen the movie recently in 35mm and those opening titles are really wobbly on a big screen.
Thanks given by: Dek Rollins
Cool. Do my screenshots remind you of the print you saw?
Finest kind.
Thanks given by:
Just finished downloading and after skimming through, I'd say it looks pretty good Dek. I like the color palette. Thanks for sharing.
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Looking For:
Alien 1999 Master Japanese BSHI Broadcast 1080i mid 2000s
Blade Runner DC Pre-BD US HDTV Broadcast 1080i 2005 (blade.runner.1080i.dd5.1.oar)
Thanks given by: Dek Rollins
Wow...great work!
It looks very good on the caps!
Seems to me a lot closer to the 35mm prints i have seen on the net, than the remaster!

I 'am one of those who prefers the old bluray, and this is maybe the ultimate version of this movie...

and didn't like too, the stabilized titles...
Those old credits are part of the movie's charm now...can't change that!
Thanks given by:
I made a v2 of this project a little while ago, which isn't very much different at all, just fixed some little issues I had with what I had released. The main difference is that I felt I made the black levels a bit too dark. This means that there are some details in dark parts of the frame that are too difficult to see, so I fixed that as well as one particular shot that was actually crushed a bit in my release. Another thing I changed was that some shots during the destruction of AXIS Chemicals had flames with an unnatural yellow color, so I tried to pull out some of the green in those.

Anyway, if those who already have this don't see any issues for your own viewing pleasure, don't worry about replacing it unless your curious. For people who have and will be requesting it and have not gotten a link yet, it's because I'm just now getting around to uploading the new version to replace the previous release. And of course that means that if anyone is currently downloading the first version as of today, let me know so I don't pull it down while your grabbing it.

[Image: TgeRZ1W.jpg]
Finest kind.
Thanks given by: nafroe , BuDi
V2 should be uploaded by tomorrow.

EDIT: V2 is up.
Finest kind.
Thanks given by: Chris Knight , nafroe , applesandrice

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