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The Good, The Bad and the Ugly - Original Mono on BD?
There are quite a few BD releases for this movie. The Kino Lorber version possibly being the one with the best audio. At least on paper, as it has the mono mix in lossless. But is it the original mono mix or is just a faltdown of the 5.1?
So which BD is the one to hunt after, purely for the audio. For video the Mondo release looks the best, I'd say.
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The 2nd release of the MGM 4K BD of the Extended cut has the original mono (not a mixdown) as does the Kino releases of the MGM Extended and International cut. So outside of LD sound the Kino are probably your best bet. Neither the MGM, Kino or the Mondo are accurate video wise. But of those choices, I like the Mondo best.
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Thanks PDB for the info Smile
I get the Kino then for being lossless mono.
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the original MGM DVD from 1998 has the original mono mix. Its not lossless, but it's your best bet. I suggest you buy the 1998 DVD to use as a reference. Check the sound levels, to make sure that the kino release isn't filtered or noise reduced.
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The 1998 DVD is a fan edit, it a fake version of the international cut based on the italian print, so it's all wrong.

In addition, they did only one restoration of the mono track (the italian) and what they did is cut in the french and american dub in all the places where there is talk, while they left the italian track for the rest. You can hear it in the third credit where Tuco pleads for Blondie in the desert, half of Tuco's screams are cut off in the french dub (they did a bad edit).

I wouldn't recommend that disc except as a curio.

For the best english dub, you need the LD rip which is on the organ.

If not the Kino will do.

Best italian dub is probably the Mondo in addition to Kino.
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